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Dialog-TO-Clip for Premiere Pro

SEEEN’s Dialog-To-Clip plug-in provides Premiere Pro users with a new fast paced narrative-driven editing process. SEEEN’s “AI Inside” tool gives you the speed of algorithmically powered editing with the accuracy of a human hand.  

D2C displays an interactive transcript of your video that can be quickly edited, searched, or most importantly clipped to produce snackable size content for social media or other promotions.  With a motion as easy as highlighting a section in your favorite novel, you can be exporting clips to post on your favorite channels to tell the real story of your content to your fans.

With Complete Premiere Pro Integration, Dialog-To-Clip Becomes Part of Your Existing Workflow

Dialog-To-Clip is a powerful, intuitive tool that works from directly inside the Premiere panel, unlike other transcription and exporting tools. That means D2C works natively in Premiere and lets you utilize all of Premiere's tools. With no extra applications and no importing XML files, everything just works.



No one should have to leave Premiere for highly accurate transcripts. In the D2C panel you can transcribe in real time. It’s fast, easy, and the cheapest of any transcription service linked to Premiere. Transcription starts at $.05/minute and is highly accurate.


One of the most time consuming tasks in video editing is locating
key moments for extraction and promotion.

One of the most powerful pieces of the Dialog-To-Clip plug-in is the ability to search the transcription.

Just type a word or phrase in the search box at the top of the panel and you’ll instantly find it in the video.

Once you find your phrase, the tool highlights the spot in the timeline where the words are spoken.

All of this happens directly within the Premiere Pro panels, there's no need to leave your workflow.

From dialog to clip

Transcribing video isn’t just for captions, there are dozens of programs that can do that. The true power is the ability to harness the power of video transcription to tell better stories.

Quickly Find

With D2C searching for a location in an hour long video is just like searching a word document. Type a word in the search box and they'll be highlighted.


Then, highlight the portion of the transcript you want to clip out to create a snackable piece of content


Once you've highlighted the section, click "extract 1" and the video associated with that copy will be clipped out.

Tell Your Story

You'll find your extracted video clip down in the Media Browser panel waiting to be exported for use in social media or wherever you want to tell your story!


  1. Click here to open the Adobe Exchange to get the plug-in
  2. Select “Install Now” to download and install the Dialog-to-Clip plug-in
  3. Start your free trial to get your API key
  4. Open Premiere Pro and launch the plugin (Window->Extensions->Dialog-to-Clip). Enter your API key when prompted
  5. Need more help? Read our FAQ