Transform Your Video Profitability

Our AI media platform allows you to get complete control over your video content, increase inventory at zero cost and add shoppable prompts and built-in adverts at optimum times to generate and increase revenue. Our AI analyses your videos and adds Shoppable Video Prompts to drive viewer engagement and conversion.

Extra revenue stream

Add an extra revenue stream with advertising space built-in to your videos

Dependable ROI

Turn video creation into a profit centre with dependable ROI

Seamless purchasing

Offer seamless purchase for a frictionless buyer journey

Lower CPA

Increase click through-rates and lower CPA

Improve SEO

Improve SEO and social sharing with CRM integrations

Zero-cost inventory

Publish key video prompts as ‘Shorts’ to create new inventory at zero cost

How SEEEN works

Upload & store

Instantly upload your videos or let us automatically import them from YouTube and your internal CMS.

Safely store your conversion- based content and find it easily on our cloud.

Analyse & optimise

Let our AI analyse and identify the best content to create shorts and the optimum moments to put Shoppable Prompts and 3rd party advertising in your videos.

Add captions, mark chapters and add CTAs and adverts.

Share & sell

Share, embed and start boosting your sales in seconds. Drive traffic with our enhanced SEO, social sharing and CRM integrations.

Increase purchases with a seamless one-click, instant check-out shopping experience.

The Numbers Don't Lie

See the latest remarkable results from  existing SEEEN customers
Increase in conversions
25% click through rate
CAC down by 67% in Pay Per Click Campaigns
SEEEN enables you to turn every video into an opportunity to grow your audience, revenues and profits.
SEEEN is an AI-led technology and media platform and has been a publicly listed UK company since 2017 with main operations in the US.

Since we launched, our aim has always been to provide brands, publishers and content creators with a seamless, intuitive and incredibly easy-to-use platform that maximises their video content, drives engagement and, ultimately, increases purchase.

We continuously invest in and evolve our technology and platform to deliver a rich video experience that truly connects with the the audience and drives action.

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