JetStream Poised to Revolutionize Video Potential With AI

EL SEGUNDO, USA (October 13, 2020) — SEEEN has done it yet again. After releasing the ground-breaking CreatorSuite earlier this month, the company has announced the introduction of JetStream, a multimodal video intelligence API (Application Programming Interface), which employs multiple different AI models to automatically recognize thousands of objects, places and actions in stored and streaming video, making them immediately accessible to the user.

Results from search query "man standing in front of white car."

JetStream allows its users to simplify media management by integrating with DAM (Digital Asset Management) and CMS (Content Management Systems). Because the new technology can analyze existing content through multiple AI models, it allows for easy media management, saving potential clients hundreds of hours of labor. For example, the system’s facial recognition technology can quickly scan and analyze thousands of videos and provide thumbnails of every frame the searched person appears. It can also, through the use of the JetStream’s other AI models, locate instances when that person speaks about a specific subject (natural language processing model) or detect certain texts or logos that may appear in the content.

The system also has the ability to learn from past processes. Once a search word or image has been inputted into JetStream, it learns the parameters in connection to that search, supplying the client with optimized and updated results instantly, and storing them in its knowledge base.

All the data generated by JetStream are automatically stored in public and private cloud servers, eliminating the need to invest in data storage capacity. All one needs is a reliable internet connection.

“JetStream is essentially an advanced search engine for videos that can locate and categorize anything you are searching for to the exact frame. Whatever the criteria, JetStream will provide what you are looking for, presenting it to you via easy-to-comprehend thumbnails instantly, saving you and/or your company countless of man hours. In fact, this innovative technology is intended to help create intelligent video applications for all types of content-related industries,” said Todd Carter, the CEO of SEEEN.

Imagica Corporation, a long-respected Japanese company that specializes in post-production work for movies, television and commercials, has begun evaluating JetStream to improve the efficiency of its operational process.

“JetStream Video Intelligence allows Imagica to plug into our existing video encoding framework to generate video metadata. It provides us with options to use as is or to enhance other models. The performance and reliability allow us to enhance the video experience for our customers and improve content awareness and personalization,” Carter said.

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