Advertising Solutions

We get the full context of video: We use computer vision and natural language processing to scan and dissect videos across SEEEN. Videos are provided by both creators and brands on SEEEN. Brands can gain awareness, engagement and click-throughs through contextual marketing video moments. We plan to operate as a Supply Side Platform (SSP), available programmatically from leading Demand Side Platforms. We offer a brand-safe marketplace with fixed price options, along with video contextual and audience data.


SEEEN can showcase video moments in beautiful galleries across eCommerce sites to boost product discovery and brand engagement. Our tools create easy and new contextual pathways to purchase. We build trust and bridge the online-offline gap with engaging video moments. We are happy to produce or source this content for you, use material you provide, or work with video shot by your best marketers: your existing customers.

Digital Licensing

We give our partners the opportunity to operate local versions of our successful technology in their market. Tailoring our established and successful model to achieve your specific goals, we can help you build, grow and diversify your digital revenues.

Saas for Content Syndication

Moments as Advertising on the GTChannel site: GTChannel Partners can publish and promote their video moments on the GTChannel site. The promotion is native to the site and works as content and advertising.

Distributed Promotion

Partners can syndicate their video moments using standard-size [video units] and widgets powered by SEEEN technology. Widget optimization algorithms maximize click-through. Custom Promotion: Partners can customize and control their video moments promotion with [dedicated creative], widgets and skinnable microsites.