Our Business

SEEEN is a technology and media group headquartered in Los Angeles  with strategic relationships in the UK. The SEEEN Group includes two wholly-owned subsidiaries – GTChannel which combines a network of affiliated creators, a catalogue of streaming content and a global audience as well as, Tagasauris, an AI technology company that can deliver more opportunities to GTChannel’s ecosystem - that enable them to work together synergistically to unlock value for the creators, consumers and shareholders.  The SEEEN Group’s mission is to be a first mover in a video-first world or what is seen to be the coming Third Wave of TV following the broadcast and cable eras.  The Third Wave is marked by full mobility and interactivity with content 24/7 on mobile devices. We believe that this initiative will drive the market towards frictionless consumer journeys which will redefine the path to online purchasing. SEEEN, through leveraging the assets of its two subsidiaries, will be able to embrace the Third Wave by enhancing consumers’ experiences on video by providing frictionless access to a multiplicity of discovery opportunities, enabling video sharing among social communities and even fulfilling impulse purchases from what they see in the video.