GTChannel Launches New Website Powered by CreatorSuite

SEEEN recently introduced a new video-content experience for GTChannel ( This new technology developed by SEEEN and powered by CreatorSuite, allows us to publish videos that lets the audience interact immediately with the content.

The new website powered by SEEEN's proprietary CreatorSuite platform. 

The centerpiece of CreatorSuite is a new feature we call “micro-moments," which acts like chapters within a video, letting the user to conveniently jump from one segment to another.

AI suggested and human optimized Micro-Moments

CreatorSuite can also recognize objects and people within a video and provides an opportunity for GTChannel editors to add information and links into videos so users can instantly explore these featured objects on the internet.'s CMS, CreatorSuite interface

Check out the full press release on GTChannel and CreatorSuite below or click the following: LINK TO RELEASE

GTChannel Launches New Site with CreatorSuite

EL SEGUNDO, California (September 15, 2020) – GTChannel, one of the fastest growing specialty automotive media brands in the industry, has introduced the next phase in its video content experience powered by CreatorSuite.

The new site developed by SEEEN will allow GTChannel to publish automotive video content on its website,, which enables immediate interaction with its young digital auto enthusiast audience. CreatorSuite will also allow GTChannel to upload videos to various platforms with a single click including YouTube. Additionally, the new site will feature “micro-moments” that act like chapters within a video, allowing viewers to conveniently jump from one segment to another.

CreatorSuite can also recognize objects and people within a video and provide an easy-to-use thumbnail to allow the audience to immediately explore these featured sections. Also, AI has been engineered to automatically provide links to the objects and people. CreatorSuite powered sites also benefit from the search engine optimized architecture of the platform, resulting in indexing and advantages on services such as Google and Bing.

“Micro-moments are shorter segments of a full video, designed for interaction. A site with video micro-moments can deliver a richer user experience because our fans can discover, interact and share that piece of car content more freely,” said Taro Koki, GTChannel President and SEEEN Chief Content Officer.

The homepage shows a variety of different  micro-moments, while the featured video page offers micro-moments for that specific video.

GTChannel, launched in 2007 as a video network that targets automotive enthusiasts, currently has one million subscribers over several digital platforms. Specializing in video, print and audio (podcast), it became part of the SEEEN group when the latter was founded in 2019 as Entertainment AI. The owned-and-operated (O&O) website is an integral part of GTChannel’s multi-platform publishing strategy in addition to all of its content distribution on third party social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

“We believe video content should be more connected, discoverable and engaging, that the distinction between ‘surfing the web’ and watching videos should be rendered meaningless and that adapting video to a user’s context should be automatic and seamless. To achieve these goals and others, we developed CreatorSuite that helps media owners unleash the full potential of their content,” Todd Carter, CEO of SEEEN, said.


Taro Koki: [email protected]